Sand playground at the Allersee



If you want to play in the sand with your children but find the Allersee too crowded or don't want to be so close to the water, there is a spacious sand playground to the side behind BadeLand.

The area offers plenty of space for building sandcastles, digging or baking sand cakes. The little ones can let off steam here while their parents can make themselves comfortable with a picnic, for example. As the area is easy to keep an eye on, you won't lose sight of the little ones too quickly.

There are also numerous wooden elements on the site that are ideal for climbing or relaxing. Children also like to incorporate the climbing elements into their playful stories and go on their own voyage of discovery - whether as a pirate on the high seas or as a wild animal, there are no limits to their creativity.



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Sand playground at the Allersee
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