The green city

Wolfsburg - the green city

Unadulterated nature in the city forest!

If you are looking for peace and want to wind down in nature, Wolfsburg’s central forest is just what you need. Located not far from the city centre, it offers many opportunities for walking, hiking, cycling or jogging over an area of around 950 hectares. A special feature are the numerous fountains and (drinking water) springs that provide refreshment along the route and can be discovered on a hiking tour. Part of the forest, the Hasselbach Valley also offers an impressive backdrop where you can explore the “Three Stones”, a sand formation that is around 170 million years old. But it’s not only the city forest and the Allerpark that make Wolfsburg one of Germany’s greenest cities: in and around Wolfsburg, many other green spaces and nature reserves invite you to experience nature and forget about everyday life – for example, the 1,500-hectare Barnbruch wetland in the Aller glacial valley.

Fountain and spring hike

Three different routes lead you through the Wolfsburg city forest and let you explore the fountains and springs! Pure nature through the green lungs of the city!

Allerpark Wolfsburg

Extensive walks around the Allersee along the promenade, climbing fun in the high ropes course or finding that holiday feeling on the sandy beach – Allerpark Wolfsburg offers all this and much more.

Castle park of Schloss Wolfsburg

The castle park was laid out as an English landscape garden around the commanding Wolfsburg Castle in the 18th century. The park, which today covers around 26 hectares, invites visitors to stroll, linger and contemplate with its many benches and sculptures by various artists and a small baroque garden in the north. Another special feature, in addition to the many old trees and an arm of the River Aller running through the park, is a small maze for children that encourages them to explore and play.
© Foto: Janina Snatzke


The Klieversberg is a 110m high hill in the immediate vicinity of the city centre. Around the popular vantage point, with its wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding area, there are numerous paths and green spaces that invite you to walk, play and relax.